Edwardteach's Bio

Since 1992, Edward Teach started to produce his own radio program that was transmitted via FM radio, solely dedicated to electronic music. He had now discovered his true calling - he realized he was born to transmit emotions through music.

The evolution of his artistic life pushed him to try his hand at producing events, therefore creating Narcotic Records. His open air, after parties gained recognition, where he performed well programmed sets in a time where laptops were not utilized.

The following milestone in Edward Teach's artistic progression was marked by his music production. There was a technological revolution occurring at that time and Final Scratch had just hit the market. This encouraged him to begin producing his own music, in which he would be able to incorporate into his sets. This would also help him bring something new and much more exclusive to his performances over many other DJs at the time.

Many events, projects, productions (in radio as well as in television) later, he decided to create what he felt was a void in the global electronic music scene; a radio station open to new talent, that would be utilized for promotion as well as to train artists. Without this outlet existing, there was no other way for DJs to advance their professional careers.

With the creation of Hardmusic Radio, the station managed to garner 1 million listeners, containing content in 5 different languages,while reaching over 28 countries globally.

Edward Teach has traveled all over the country of Spain, Europe, and Latin America. He has shared the bill with such greats as, Richie Hawtin, Surgeon, Ben Sims, Derrick May, Pascal F.E.O.S., Alexander Kowalski, Oliver Ho, and many, many more artists.

Edwardteach's sets are recognized for his meticulous technical work, with a style that can be best described as proper, unusual, and sassy. From his devices, you can hear sounds ranging from dark Techno to pure House, always incorporating elements of tribal. This is his personal signature.

His second home, Berlin Invasion, opened his arms to him in his day and gives him cover to express himself in his favorite city, Berlin, and in much of Europe more underground.

He presents his own radio program, NO DIVA DJS, on some world FM radios and also directs UNIKA FM Clubbing in Spain.

It is part of the directive of a new initiative in the electronic world, “NO DIVA DJS”, based in CHICAGO - SAN DIEGO - MADRID in which he serves as CEO and that is beginning to grow by leaps and bounds as a fashion brand for DJs and Clubbers

His last vinyl, Antidote, with The Horrorist, Konik Polny or Groove Daniel, has been a success, running out of all his copies in less than a month.

His 8khz work has been included in the double compilation CD of The moment Records published in 2019

Edwardteach is a sacred artist, with another opportunity to transmit his sounds to anyone who is looking for a sophisticated level of electronic music.