Rwbel's Bio

Label's head honcho, Rwbel, since a very young age has shown a profound interest in electronic music. Back in the early 90’s during his childhood he started experimenting, making his own mixtapes. A few years later he discovered "Impulse Tracker 2" and "Acid", which laid his production foundations.

He has been an enthusiast of electronic music for many years combining his passion as listener, DJ and producer. This love for eclectic music has nourished a special style in him, either DJing or producing tracks. During his years in Nottingham, he was a regular figure in the International House Parties around the area, as well as in some underground venues, university events and even taking part in a National DJ Contests held by DJ Mag where he reached the final.

After he returned to Spain, he joined Rösten Beats, a DJs collective in Madrid. During this period they launched several underground parties across Madrid and he personally coordinated two seasons of the weekly Rosten Beats podcast, which was both online and aired by Unika FM Clubbing. He continued as podcaster with a short Project called Unrealised Podcast, where he was discovering and interviewing some techno artists across the world.

Recently, after years of hard work and dedication he has started to release his tracks under his own name, Rwbel. Tracks that cannot be labeled in a style other than his own, but defined by the darkness of his sound.